Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gracious Father,

Teach me to live just for today, to stay focused on what truly matters: family,

the hurts and needs of others, the need for understanding and compassion. Help me to keep both heart and mind open, so that I won't miss those things you want me to hear- to know.

Teach me to walk in your steps, not lagging behind- so I could get lost, nor

running ahead, for then I would meet with things I'm not prepared for. Help me remember that walking with You means doing as You did, desiring what You desired.

Teach me to always speak the truth, to never fear persecution, criticism, or any negative thing; to remember always that nothing comes into my life, or departs from it without first having your stamp of approval.

Help me remember the deepness of my sorrows, how acute their pain
, so that I will be able to minister to others more gently, more kindly, and with more compassion and patience.

Teach me how to let go, Gracious Father, of all those things that prevent me

from becoming the woman you desire me to be. Help me remember all that you forgave me for, so that when others need my forgiveness I am quick to give it.

Thank you for helping me see my flaws of character, for helping me understand how each of them messed up (and is still messing up my life).

Thank you for encouraging me each day, for comforting me, wiping my tears when I cry, and holding me tight against your heart when I am overwhelmed with the trials in my life.

Sometimes, especially since Johnny's death, I feel quite lost and misplaced, 

but know that in truth I am not, for YOU are wherever I am.

Bless my family and friends this day, Lord. You know their situations, their heart pain. Please comfort them as you do me. May each of them know today, the honor of your presence, the warmth of your love, and the tightness of
Your embrace.


Kath said...

Wonderful words again Barb.You comfort me each time I read you.Love you loads.God Bless you Dear Friend.
Take care Kath xx

Sybil said...

That is just beautiful Narn. Thank you so much for writing thse words. also for being a wonderful friend always there in the background ready for us whenever we need you
May God Bless you this day and be with all who need your love and care

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful heartfelt prayer, Barb. It is my prayer, too.

Chatty Crone said...

You know what - these words are beautiful! AND SO True. I am going to try to follow you here girl. I hope the virus is gone and that you have a good weekend.