Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just for today, Lord, strengthen me; plant me firmly- 
more deeper into richer soil.
Silence those fears that sometimes appear out of nowhere.
I know that you are with me always, that you will never leave me alone.

I know that no matter how deep my pain, my sorrow,
my fears or insecurities,
if I place them all within your hands

I will be okay.

Thank you for loving me so much;
for being there first thing in the 

morning- the last thing at night.
Thank you for the SHINY moments you send,

 always when I need them the most.

Thank you for every person who prays for me,

who loves and supports me.
Bless each of them as you so graciously bless me.
 Let them experience, I pray,
 the honor of your presence, the warmth of your love,
and the tightness of your embrace.

Lord, life without my Johnny is so different,
so unfamiliar, often quite painful.

But even so, when difficult moments come,
 I turn to you
and am instantly comforted. 
You hold me close to your heart. 
Your words uplift and strengthen me. 
Your love fills the empty spaces. 
Your presence makes the long nights less lonely-
 and bright in spite of the dark.

Life is precious, exciting and wonderful
in spite of my trials.
Painful as they are, I'd not wish to be without them.
They have made me strong,
and given me such a mighty faith.

They have made me more compassionate, 
more patient, kind, and loving.

If I forget to tell you sometimes, Lord, 

please know how deeply I love you,
how much I appreciate every thing you do for me.
 Know too that of all I desire,
what I desire most is to 
see you face-to-face, to be with you forever. ,


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful barb ;)

how long has it been since johnny left us? just doesnt seem like that long ago


Rose said...

Hope you feel my hugs too !

Love you

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Beautiful indeed, so touching and so true I did indeed liked it

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This was beautiful Barb and like you, I've been drawn closer to God after losing my dear husband too.

Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady