Monday, September 5, 2011


Lord, I thank you for today's gifts:
The dew upon the grass at early dawn,
The  visiting of the crickets,
The sunrise and sunsets
The laughter of little children
The pillow for my weary head
The tightness of your embrace, as I cry.
The depth, the width, and the warmth of your love
that continues to hold me steady.

Thank you, Lord for the love reflected
in my Johnny's eyes, for his quiet strength,
and his amazing sense of humor that
unexpectedly causes laughter to echo
through our house.

These are hard days, even harder nights,
but you never fail me.
The more difficult the trial,
the quicker your response.
Thank you for helping me be brave,
for filling me with strength, and for helping
me find the right words to uplift my children
as we walk this path together.
You are my heart, Lord.
Without You, I would cease
to live and move and breathe..
Stay close to me, I pray. Let me not waste moments,
walking through life as though on rainy streets.
Help me focus on the SON so that though my trial is hard,
my heart is sunny.


Barb said...

I love this Barb!

Kath said...

You are an inspiration,just a beautiful wonderful person.May God grant you everything you ask.Breathing gentle hugs on Johnny.Take Care God Bless.Love Ya.Kath Motherhen xx

Sandy said...

This is so beautiful. I
know all about life being
difficult. I also know God
is faithful to never leave
us or forsake us.