Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lord, thank you for your faithfulness, your dependability and your amazing love. Midst this present storm, no matter how rough it gets, or how scary, I know that always you are where I am. Because I know that, Lord, I come to you  needing comfort, guidance and wisdom.
Just for today, Lord, hold me a little closer to your heart when the tears come, a little tighter- so that I will feel a bit safer, and not so intimidated about tomorrow, or even the next moment.

Just for today, guide my thoughts, my feet, and my hands so that self pity gets no welcome at all. Keep my thoughts upon the GOD of my heart and life, the ONE who has always loved me, protected me, comforted me, led me and  kept me moving forward, upon the ONE who has never let me down.
For today, Lord, let my feet remain on the right path, and my hands doing for others. Do not let the heaviness of this sadness in my heart turn me into a bitter, cold, unfeeling person, but help me to embrace it, knowing that every trial has within it a miracle, a miracle that will help my faith grow, my compassion grow, my patience and understanding grow.

Help me, Lord, to remain in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or running ahead into the future. The past is behind me, and the future  yet to be. THIS moment, this present
is full of unused opportunities, full of "SHINY" moments (blessing from you), not yet experienced.

Help me embrace each moment as it comes, whether filled with joy and laughter, or sorrow and despair, remembering always that wherever I am YOU are, so there is no need to be fearful
.Help me, today especially, hold tightly to your many promises, never forgetting that you have never broken a promise- never will.
Thank you for loving me so much, for being so quick to comfort me, for always reminding me of your presence.

Bless my family and friends, especially those who have, like myself, just lost a loved one. May all of us daily experience the warmth of your love, the honor of your presence and the tightness of your embrace.

 I love you, Lord.


Rose said...

My heart breaks for you. I love you and pray for you every day.

Linda :) said...


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Pamela said...

Praying with you, my friend.

Sarah said...

Amen....You are in my Thought's and Prayer's Dear Barb ((HUGS)) xx

David C Brown said...

Jesus slept in the storm; rest in Him.