Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Heavenly Father,

Create in me a new heart,
so that by walking as Jesus walked,

my character will become like His. 

Help me to be slow to speak, but quick to offer
understanding patience, and love. 

Keep my heart tender, always, I pray,
and grant me the ability to 

forgive those who have hurt me. 

Allow me not to rush through life blindly,
led by impulse, resentment or hurt feelings,
but slowly, never running ahead of you,
but walking beside you- 

matching my step with yours.

Touch my life, and the hearts of my loved ones,
so that we may be changed, may become kinder,

gentler to others; so that we may become the men
and women you created us to be.

I ask your blessing upon my life, my writings,

my relationships, and my spiritual life.

Fill in the hours, minutes and seconds
of this day with things that are best for me;

things that will make me a blessing to others. 
Direct my energies. Instruct my mind.

Grant me the honor of your presence

so that this day will not rob me of peace,
or discourage me because of its difficulties.

Grant me stillness within, so that I can rest

my eyes and  contemplate your goodness
 in the silence.
Be with me forever.
I love you Lord, with all my heart.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

So true and so relatable so thank you heaps for this

Kath said...

You do... uplift and encourage.... others Barb.Love you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

JOHN said...

Amen well said and very up lifting my friend!

Linda said...

Thank you for this beautiful and heartfelt post.