Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gracious Father,

I cannot start my day unless you walk beside me.
To start it alone always causes me to stumble,
 to fall back into the habits that brought so 
much heartache into my life.

Just for today, Lord, help me, I pray, 

to not take for granted my life,
 my family, or the wonderful friends
 who continue to pray for me.

Help me not take for granted:
the pillow that cradles my head 

after a long, tiring day;
the unexpected phone calls that lift my spirits,
the wonderful memories of my Johnny;
the love and support that my children give me;
this apartment, that though filled with so
 many sad memories,
also brings to mind the many wonderful 
the "shiny" ones that I will never forget.

 Lord, strengthen me; fill my heart with
renewed courage, for life is so very hard sometimes.
Grant me a portion of your wisdom, so that I may better
discern right from wrong, and be more appreciative of
all that is good.

My eyes cannot see you, but my faith in your Word

acknowledges your existence.

Keep me ever near your side. Do not let the things of

the world take me from you, for there is no security,
no peace, no eternal life to be found in them.
Today, and every day, Lord, keep your truths before me.

Thank you for strengthening my faith;

for not letting me forget that 
this world is not my home;

Thank you for the restlessness of my heart

 that is a constant reminder of how eager 
I am to see you;

Thank you for the many ways you reveal

your love for me- for us all.
 Mostly, Gracious Father, I thank you 
for the gift of your Son.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Amen and thank you for this I really enjoyed this read

Kath said...

Awww So beautiful Barb.I needed to read something by you tonight before I go to my bed.I cannot find my links to your other blogs sorry.My prayers are with you always and I am sooooo happy when I hear from you and may you continue to feel that little bit better, with every passing day.God Is Good .I love you Barb.Take Care Goodnight and Godbless Kath xxxx