Friday, August 1, 2014

Heavenly Father,

Bless me, Lord, on this day. Let me be acutely aware of you beside me. In  my going 
out, my coming in, my retiring for the night- my waking to a new day, in solitude or multitude, doing chores or relaxing, may I ever be aware of you at  my side. 

Life is hard! I dare not start my day without first spending time with you. To start
it otherwise leaves me restless, unfulfilled, miserable and unhappy. Teach me, I
pray, as we spend time together, how to be more like you.

Teach me new things: How to discipline my heart, how to be honest with myself when being honest sometimes hurts so much. Teach me how to interact with those whose paths cross mine, so that when they depart they will be the better for it, as I always am after spending time with you.

Just for today, I pray that you will strengthen me, enlarge my faith, and grant me the courage to do those things needing to be done. These past two years have been so very hard for me; so many changes- painful, difficult ones. Sometimes sleep remains as elusive as a butterfly, for days on end. Even so- you never fail me. Always, you are there to sit with me through the long. lonely nights, always there to greet me each new day, ready to guide and direct me, ready to teach and strengthen me, ready to encourage, uplift and comfort me, ready with your love.

I think of all the things Jesus said about not laying up treasures on earth- but in heaven; about doing good, about loving my enemies, about not being afraid - but believing.

He spoke about being merciful, tolerant, kind, and not judging others. Oh, Lord, incline my heart to follow in His way.

Now I ask your blessings upon all the workers in the world:
Workers in hospitals, in offices, cities and fields;

The caregivers, who so often go without in order to uplift and comfort others;
Policeman, fireman, volunteers;
Those who give the orders- and those who follow them;
Those without faith- and those who are praying for a stronger faith;
Parents whose loved ones have been lost, murdered;
Families suffering because of financial difficulties or natural disasters;
The unemployed, sick, fearful, lonely, friendless;
Those in prison and in ministry;
Especially I ask prayer for my wonderful family and friends who 
are always supporting, uplifting and loving me.

Bless our country too, Gracious Father. Forgive our collective sins and my personal ones. Be merciful, I pray, unworthy as we are. I ask these things in Jesus name.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Another great post, I am glad I came and read this post today thank you

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Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Just For Today" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

Cathy said...

How lovely, clear and honest your prayers are. I think of you, pray for you to ease the pains both present and in memories passed. Stay close my friend.