Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gracious Father,

A brand new year is opening its doors to me. There will be many unexpected things confronting me.

Because I know this, Lord, I ask that you draw me even nearer to you. Guide my steps, so that my 
feet remain on the straight path, my hands, so that they do only good. Help me to remember to think
before dong, and speaking, so that my choices will be good ones, choices that please you.

Though I am doing much better I have become aware of areas in my life that need improving;

areas that I need your help with. I am struggling with so many changes Father, and so many of these
new changes are hard for me. I find myself allowing doubt to settle upon me, and sometimes fear,
and am ashamed, for you have never failed to keep your Word. Every promise you have made has been
kept, so doubt or fear ought have no place in my mind or heart. Forgive me. Help me remember, 
when doubt and fear settle upon me, to remember how faithful you have been; to remember all the
huge and painful trials you helped me through.

I praise you for the greatness of your heart, Father; for how quickly you  come to rescue me when

I am in trouble, how quickly you comfort when I am sad, how quick you are to lift me up and
fill me with renewed energy and strength when I am sick. My heart sometimes, low upon the ground
from loneliness, never remains there for long; one of your promises comes to mind and I am happy again,
able to face whatever life confronts me with.

Thank you for loving me so much, Lord, for providing my daily needs, surrounding me with such

wonderful friends. Thank you for  my wonderful family; all are so supportive- so quick to help any
way they can.

Bless today, I pray, the homeless, the friendless, those who are fearful, lonely, and depressed.
Bless the many confined to their beds, and especially those who are dying, too many of them alone.

Bless the courageous men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.
Bless too:
The blind, the lepers, the prisoners and their families;

The many children who have nobody to guide them, mentor them- love them;
Those struggling with addictions;
The parents of lost, murdered, or runaway children;
Those who are worried, and those who have lost their homes or jobs;
Be with the caretakers and the ones they care for;
Bless my online friends, and my children and grandchildren. You know the struggles each faces,

know what is best for them. I place them into Your hands, Father, asking you to do for them what I 
cannot do. Continue to be with all those I love. I ask these things in your Son's most precious
name. Amen.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Such a wonderful prayer thank you it should be read by many it is that good

Linda Reynolds said...

Happy New Year!! :)

Jeanie said...

Such a thoughtful, loving and caring prayer. I don't think you missed anyone out. god bless you too my friend. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Much love as always. xx

Sybil said...

Thank you for such a wonderful prayer. I just felt as I read it that the Lord was listning to me as he clearly was to you. Thank you dear dear friend...(.I have had such a heavy heart lately and I am also ashamed when I think how few times I have taken my heaviness to our dear Lord....)