Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gracious Father,

Just for today, help me remember that without you I can
do nothing. For many years I depended upon myself;
got so  used to doing it that every once in awhile, when
overwhelmed, I fall right back into that habit.
I cannot claim ignorance, cannot say I wasn't sure if I could trust You,
for nobody in my life has ever kept every promise, but YOU, Lord, have
kept every one.

You said." I will not leave you." and you haven't.
You said, "Be strong and of a good courage," and when I
remembered to be strong and brave, I did just fine. When my
Johnny died, and I came crying to you, heartbroken, you said.
" There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days
of thy life: As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not
fail thee, nor forsake thee."

    Those words fill my heart with gratitude, for I am weak,
unable to carry the weight of my burdens sometimes;
unable to be strong, when so much is put upon my plate
at one time.

When fear finds my hiding place, I remember you asking me,
"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage;
be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD,
thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." 
remembering Your words, Father, I am strengthened,
my spirits are lifted, and fear is replaced with that 
promised peace that quiets both mind and heart.

 Oh, Father, knowing you love me just as I am is
such a wondrous thing. Words fail me when I try to
thank you for all you have done and continue
to do for me.
Whenever I am troubled it is never because
you've left my side - but because in my troubled state
I wandered from you; went back to trying to care for
myself. I cannot care for myself.
It is You who make me strong, You, who gives me such
a deep love for others, You, who creates music in my
heart that only YOU understand.
I praise YOU for the greatness of your heart, for the
pristine beauty of your character, and for Your
NAME that is the sweetest and most
honorable of all names.

Bless, I pray, every member of my family, my online friends
and those offline.
Bless those who are hungry, not just for food for the body,
but hungry for spiritual food as well.
Bless those who are searching for truth. Send somebody to help
them find YOU, Lord.
Bless those who are in prison, and their families.
Bless those in isolated places throughout the world
without their daily needs; with no place to lay their head,
and nobody to hold them  when they are crying,
nobody to tell them they matter, and
that they are loved.
Bless those whose faith, for various reasons is failing,
and those who are struggling to hold tight to the faith
that they have.
Bless those who are caretakers, and especially bless
those they are caring for. Be with the dying, this day,
wherever they are, Lord.
Oh, please, let them not die alone. Embrace them,
let them know
in their last moments that they have not
been forgotten.

You have said if any man lacks wisdom, he should ask for
it, so I pray, Gracious Lord, for a portion of your wisdom,
so that whenever opportunity presents itself, I will
represent You rightly.
I ask that you keep me humble, for it is too easy, when
getting too much praise to be lifted up, and I greatly
fear stumbling in that manner.

I am not young any more, Lord. As it is with others, so it
is with me, when it comes to moments of reflection.
Too often, I recall the many opportunities you gave me to
work for You, and fear kept me from doing most of them.
You could have dealt harshly with me, but rather than do
that, you continued to draw me to You; continued to
give me a second chance.
I know, that of myself I'd fall flat on my face.
That doesn't change with age. What
changed is my truly understanding,  probably
for the first time in my life, that without You I
cannot do anything.  So I ask you to
bless my efforts now, grant me the exact words
needed to comfort, uplift and bless those
in need.

Today, I again place my loved ones and family in
Your hands, knowing that You love them far more
than I , and can do for them what I cannot.
Bless them, I pray, as you have always blessed me.
Light their paths, guide their feet and hands,
help them be a blessing to others.
I ask these things in Jesus' precious name.

Thank you for loving me, and for the sacrifice
of JESUS, who has become the love of my life.


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