Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gracious Father,

I come to you with boldness and a heart full of gratitude,
knowing that no matter how large or painful my problems are,
You will shrink them down to a bearable size for me.

Today, I pray you will grant me a new beginning. Like
David I am asking for a new heart, a heart that will give
me back that first love I had for you. I was much younger
than, Lord, but have never forgotten the JOY of it- how
wonderful it was to live each day with a quiet heart- a
peaceful mind.
It may have been many years ago but I have never
forgotten how greatly I thirsted for your WORD,
hungered for it- how YOU were the center of my life.
I want to experience that again...NEED to experience it.

Oh, Father, I love you so much, want only to be all
you would have me be.
This world is full of lonely, unhappy, hurting
people, people searching for something to fill up the
hurting places within their hearts. This is why I come
to you, asking for that new beginning, for that new heart.
I want to make  a difference, want to be a blessing to the
lost, hurting people whose paths cross mine.
Grant me this new heart, Lord, and I will do my best
to keep it full of  joy, peace, love, kindness, patience,
and mercy...all those things that lift a man up,
rather than tear him down.

Gracious Father, please forgive me my indifference.
My health issues have caused me to give in to self-pity,
to lose my point of focus.
I let my guard down, and for too long a time
neglected to guard my heart, and got lost. But though
I felt lost and alone I was never really lost, for
YOU always know where I am.
I cried out to you - my heart low upon the ground,
and hearing my cry, you came and rescued me.
You lifted me up, dusted me off, forgave me, held
me close to your heart and reassured me that you
still loved me.

Thank you for providing my daily needs.
Thank you for the pillow upon which I lay my head,
the roof that keeps me safe, the food that keeps me
Thank you for my doctor, whose kindness and
patience make growing older not quite so scary or
Thank you for taking care of me, for letting me sense
your presence when fear would have me run away
or give in to discouragement.

Grant me continuing softening of my heart so
that my words are kinder, my actions sweeter and
more fair, always motivated by
Christ's example.

Bless this day:
My family and friends, both online and off. Bless their
families and those they love.
Bless those in prison, the widows, the homeless, and

those whose children have been murdered or disappeared.
Bless those who are bedridden, and those who so
lovingly care for them.
Bless those in high office, the doctors and nurses, single
parents, the worried and anxious and those without food
or somebody to love them.

Bless those suffering from past deeds already forgiven,
and those who are suffering great temptations.
Especially I pray for those serving our country. Protect them
and let them know the honor of YOUR presence so they
may be filled with peace as well as courage.
I ask these things in your Son's precious name. Amen.

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Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Thank you this was simply bloody wonderful