Monday, July 11, 2011

Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father,
I look forward to my morning hour with you, before I have spoken with men or done a chore for the day. Let me not take for granted the honor of your presence, your  faithfulness, the dependability of your Word, your great love for me, and my daily blessings.

Sustain me this day, I pray. Enable me to do the required thing and love my enemies, lend a hand where there is a need- with no expected returns.
Help me, Father, to reflect thy Son rightly. Let me not be found judging, being critical, gossiping, or being lifted up by pride.

Grant me, I pray, the power to be pure in thought, loyal in my actions, and courageous. On this day, Gracious Father, I ask thy blessing upon:
Those without food, drink or clothes;

Those who are sick, discouraged and fearful
Those who are suffering from cancer and other  diseases.

Bless the prisoners:
Those oppressed by any injustice
Those that society views as worthless.

Bless the families of children who have been molested, abused or murdered.
Bless those who are lonely, insecure, and  in desperate need of a friend.

Bless those struggling with addictions, those who are bedridden, and the aged, whose families have all but abandoned them.
Bless those whose hope is fading, those who are seeking you, and those who are helping them find you.

Bless our ministers, teachers, missionaries.

Bless the doctors and nurses and the caretakers around the world.
Bless too, the millions of people who are now homeless, fearful, hungry and alone, due to natural disasters.

I ask a special  blessings upon those in the armed forces, Gracious Father. They are so far from home, so far from those who love them. Let them experience the wonder of your presence- so that their fear may not be so strong.  Allow them to experience the warmth and depth of your love so that they will not feel so alone. Let them  feel the  tightness of your embrace so they will feel safe- and secure.

Father, there are new trials confronting me today, some feeling larger and heavier, and more painful than any I have experienced. Even so, I thank you for each one; they keep  me upon my knees- close to you.

I will not focus upon the sadness, or the depth of it, but will remember how far you have walked with me. I will not forget the dependability of  your WORD; that you are exactly where you said you would be- ever beside me.
All I have asked, Gracious
Father, I ask in your Son's most Precious name. Amen.


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Sandy said...

Wonderful prayer from the
heart and the kind He loves
to answer. I give a loud