Monday, August 22, 2011



Lord, let my light shine bright,
during my darkest night,
when my tears hide
your precious face.
May my faith be strong,
as I hold on, knowing
I'm covered
by your grace.

Life may steal my dreams,
 break my heart in two,
lay my heart upon
the ground.
But I'll be alright
because I'm loved by you,
and will soon be
homeward bound.

Lord, as I walk through life
doing the best I can,
Hold me, I pray,
close to your heart.
May I be true to you
to my dying breath,
so we'll never have to part.

 I wrote this song just a few years ago, when I found out my husband had cancer. It is a wonder to me, the way the Lord uses words to comfort me sometimes. Now, as back then, we're told that my husband's illness is at its end, except that this time, the doctors tell us that all they can do is make him as comfortable as they can.

I praise the Lord for his goodness, for the many years Johnny and I have been together. Mostly though, I am, and ever will be,  eternally grateful that my precious Johnny asked the Lord to be ruler of his heart and life just recently.

God is good. God is faithful. God is merciful. God is kind. God is truly love.


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